News history

September 2012

And this is our latest - the ribbon Coraline!
From the imagination of a young artist!
We are confident that graphics and colours will act like a real thunderbolt.
And Recto / Verso please!

May 2012

Summer is coming,
don’t forget the summer break.
Remember to anticipate your needs.

April 2012

With the Easter holidays have the reflex RAPH LINE.

A range of fresh colour and adapted to the occasion.

March 2012

No more parties, no more flakes!
Fun in the sun and the joys of the carnival and confetti

February 2012

February, the month of Valentine’s Day
Put the "heart" into our packaging and presentations.

January 2012

A new year begins;
Great opportunity for us to present our latest fantasy ribbons.

December 2011

Just a few days to the seasonal festivities. We would like to take
this opportunity to thank you very much for your confidence and loyalty
throughout the year. Stay in touch in 2012; we’ll have more surprises
for you.
Merry Christmas and - a little in advance - a Happy and Prosperous New
Year in 2012.

November 2011

With winter Mr Frost is coming
But not alone
He brings a little pre-view of our 2012 catalogue. For your ease the 2 known General and Fantasy catalogues will arrive in one combined annual version.

October 2011

The end of year seasonal celebrations are coming.
It’s time to remember and replenish our party gear.

September 2011

It’s the start up and our young ones will return to their classrooms.
As you have seen for some weeks now, our website keeps evolving.

Please do not hesitate to give us your feedback and suggestions - thanks.

June 2011

Do you know our dual colour Raph Line ?

Throughout the summer sprinkle your creations with fresh and happy colours - two at a time !

They talk about us!!!

See this great little article from the monthly
edition of CCI Sud Alsace Mulhouse

June 2011

A new born:
Fresh like the spring:


“ Deja vu“ you say?
Maybe, but after all the great classics brought up to date, are they not timeless?

January 2011

The 2011 edition of the printed ribbons and bows catalogue has been finished. We are sure that our ribbons will complement your range of products in an ideal way.

Please contact us for more information and samples.

December 2010

September 2010

Soon it will be time again to think about Christmas. You’ll be pleased to see that we can provide all the classic colours like gold, silver and red. Or, perhaps you will consider something different this year: Beautiful and very trendy lines like « Miroir brillant », « Diamant », « Mat-Line » or « Elegance » await you. Don’t hesitate to contact us for swatches.

April 2010

For YET ANOTHER way for your clients to highlight the superior quality of their packagings

Go for trendy


January 2010

We would like to draw your attention to our new collection for Valentine’s Day.
Please fill your stores and displays in time!


LI-RF 7mm-250m


LI-RF 10mm-250m


LI-RF 10mm-250m



LI-RF 25mm-100yds


LI-RF 50mm/100yds


Bags with 25 pull bows "BUTTERFLY"





December 2009

Our new catalogue of the standard range has just been published. It comprises all the new products as well as additional widths. Don’t hesitate to ask for your personal copy.

Furthermore the 2010 edition of the printed ribbons and bows catalogue has been finished. We are sure that our ribbons will complement your range of products in an ideal way.

Please contact us for more information and samples.

September 2009

As the days are getting shorter again it’s time to start preparations for the festive season. We are excited to present to you once more a trendy collection of ribbons and tapes to wrap and embellish your presents. Our range of products includes almost everything necessary for your packing needs. Ribbons and tapes of various sizes, colours and harmonious combinations of different designs. For a very personal touch we once again recommend to you our collection « Fantaisie ».

Let us also highlight our extremely convenient pull bows which make it finally possible to finish your gift wrapping in no time at all.

Please ask for your personal copy of our catalogues today! We’re trying hard to make your dreams come true.

July 2009

As you might have noticed our website has undergone a major redesign.

We will continue to be very active in 2009 and we’d like to thank you so much for your confidence and loyalty!

As the years progress, seasons follow after one another and each one of them is unique! For every new season it is our ambition to make you discover the latest trends and tendencies and offer you an array of attractive new products.

Please ask for our latest catalogues.